Library Policies

The UNIST Library adheres to these policies in support of its mission to provide information resources and services of the highest quality to sustain and enhance the Institution's teaching and research programs.

Materials that You Can Borrow or Not Borrow
AvailableNot Available (only in the library)
  • Books
  • Videos & DVDs
  •  References (handbook, encyclopedia, dictionary)
※ These materials are marked with “Ref.” in call number.
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Theses/Dissertations
Circulation Policy
StatusBooksVideos & DVDs
No. of ItemsNormalRenewalNo. of ItemsPeriod
Faculty3060 days~ 180 days34 days
Staff1030 days~ 90 days
Graduate1030 days~ 90 days
Undergraduate515 days~ 45 days
Spouse of UNIST members515 days~ 45 days
How to Borrow & Return
  • Use Self-Serivce Machines on the 1st and 3rd floor.
  • To use the machine, you should have your ID card.
  • When you borrow the materials with the machine, your password is the first 6 digits of (foreign) registration card number.
  • When you return an item with accompanying materials (CD-ROM, supplement, etc.), you should return them at the information desk on the 3rd floor.
  • How to renew online: The Libray website > My Account > Borrowing & Renewing
  • Renewal will extends the due date by your normal loan period (e.g 15 days for undergraduate) from the day you renewed the item.
  • Renewal is available within your maximum loan period. (e.g 45 days for undergraduate)
  • You can renew only one time per day.
  • A loaned books can be renewed if there is no reservation on the items.
  • You cannot renew your books if you have any overdue materials.
  • Multimedias(DVD, CD) are not available for renewal.
  • You may reserve a checked-out book so that you have the first priority to use it once returned.
  • How to request:  After finding the book on the library website, click the “Reserve” button at 'Get It' section. (login needed)
  • When the book is returned, the library will send a notification message (e-mail or SMS)
  • To get the book, visit the information desk on the 3rd floor on weekdays from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. (except 12:00 ~ 13:00) 
  • The book will be kept for 3 days in the 3F Information desk.  After 3 days, the book will be shelved for others. 
Charges for Lost Materials
  • If you lost or damage the library materials, you should reimburse that.
  • Bring a new item to information desk on the 3rd floor.
DDS(Document Delivery Service)

To provide an article or other materials by obtaining a copy from another library.

ILB(Inter-Library Borrowing)

To provide a book by borrowing it from another library.

ServiceService available materialsTime RequiredNote              Fee          

Materials in Korea:

1-5 days

Overseas materials:

3-15 days

The materials will be offered in print due to 

copyright law.


Library is paying the fee for the



ILBBooks3-5 days

Copying an entire material is prohibited.

Circulation period: 2 weeks

How to Request?

※ To request DDS/ILB service, you should make an account on the 'RISS‘.

   After making an account, you should be authorized by the librarian.

MethodsHow to?
On the library websiteFill out the request form on the ‘Making Requests’ menu.
On the ‘RISS’ (for ILB)Search the book and place a request.
Find it @ UNIST (for DDS)After searching an article on the site, find the ‘Find it @ UNIST’ button and click the ‘Making Requests’ menu.
Contact the librarianCall or e-mail to the librarian.
☎ (052)217-1406 or
How to Get the Materials
  1. Receive a message from the library (SMS/e-Mail)
  2. Visit the information desk on the 3rd floor
  3. Sign your name and write the received date on the list
  4. Get the materials
Guidelines for Requesting New Materials

You may request some materials when the library doesn't have them.

  • Eligible materials: books or multimedia contents(CD-ROM, DVD, etc.)
  • How to request: Library website > Services > Making Requests > Select “New purchase” option and material’s format you want.
Please be Informed
  • All the requested books are carefully deliberated on whether they are suitable to the library collection.
  • Academic books related to UNIST research areas and curriculum are our number one priority to collect.
  • Other books can be decided not to collect and the requester will receive notification of the decision.
How long does it take to arrive?
  • 1-2 weeks for books published in Korea.
  • 2-4 weeks for books published not in Korea.
How to get the new materials ?
  • Visit the information desk on the 3rd floor after getting the notification from the library.
  • If you do not visit in 3 days, the books will be moved to the 'New Arrivals' shelves on the 1st floor.
Overdue Materials
  • If you return materials late, you cannot borrow other books for the same number of days that the items were late.
  • Suspension period is calculated as follows: If you return 1 book for late 3 days , you can not borrow materials for 3 days.

Lost or Damaged Materials

If you lose or damage the library materials, you have to reimburse.

1. Lost or damaged materials must be reported to the 3F Information desk.

2. You have to replace the same materials that you lost/damage materials for the library.

3. If the material is out of print, please contact the library. ☎ 052-217-1417

※ If the materials are overdue in the process of reimbursing, you cannot borrow materials for overdue days.

DDS/ILB Services
1. If you do not take your materials within 7 days, it will be discarded.
2. In addition, DDS will be suspended for 3 months if you do not take the requested materials 3 times.


1. If you do not pick up the book within 7 days, it will be return to the library that offered the material.
2. If you return the book late, you cannot borrow materials from the UNIST library for the same number of days.
   (If you return ILB books 5 days late, you cannot borrow materials for 5 days.)
Range of Service

The UNIST Library welcome visitors whose research requires use of our collections. But library services are not fully available but limited like below. If a visitor has any questions about the services, contact the library.

For Whom

Ulsan citizen, Other university student, Visitor (Minors can only enter the library with a guardian)



※ During exam period, limited entry to library: 2 weeks before exam period ~ end of exam period

Allowed Services

Searching or reading materials(book, journal, Web-DB) in the library on the 3rd floor

Limited Services

Borrowing materials, Self-studying in the learning commons on the 2nd/4th floor

How to

  1. Visit the library information desk on the 1st floor
  2. Fill out an 'Application form for library use'
  3. Submit the form and get a temporary library card
  4. Use the library materials
  5. Turn in the card when the visitor leaves the library

Additional Questions 

☎ (052)217-1417
Campus Parking Fee
HourParking Fee
Less than 10 min.


10 ~ 30 min.

₩ 1,000 

more than 30 min.

₩ 1,000(30 min.) + ₩ 300(per 10 min.)

1 Hour

₩ 1,900(60 min.)

Daily maximum fees 

₩ 16,000

※ ETC.

1. A person of national merit, the disabled: Free (*Should submit certificate documents)

2. Small car(below 1,000CC): 50% discounts

3. Visiting vehicle for parents: 1,000/per day (should bring Visiting ticket from Security office in 301 bldg. Student Residence)

4. Inquiry: Serveone office(052-217-6957, 6968)