Citation Tools

Quick help on solutions and tools for managing references and detecting plagiarism.

Reference Manager: EndNote

EndNote is a software package designed to help you to organize references and create bibliographies.

EndNote allows you to:

  • Store and organize your references, related notes and PDF files of journal articles, conference papers, etc. in a program.
  • Insert citations and references into your manuscript and automatically create a bibliography in MS Word and PowerPoint.
  • Access your EndNote library anywhere through the EndNote web and share your library with co-workers.
  • More information: EndNote ( | EndNote Web (
  • Training video (English):
How to Download and Install
  • Install (Windows version): 
  1. Download the compressed file of the installation program.
  2. Extract the two files into the same directory folder ( After extracting, ‘ENX8Inst.msi’ and ‘License.dat’ files must be in the same folder)
  3. Run the ‘ENX8Inst.msi’ file to install


※ The ‘License.dat’ file is a serial number of EndNote program

If the program shows a message like ‘Enter a serial number for installation' in the process, it means the setup program can’t read the serial number automatically. Go back to the 2nd process and extract the files again.

Reference Manager: Mendeley

Mendeley is a free reference manager designed to help you to organize PDFs and generate citations and bibliographies.

Mendeley allows you to:

  • Store and Organize: Import and organize PDF files from your computer
  • Read and Annotate: Open PDFs and capture your thoughts through sticky notes and highlights
  • Reference Manager: Generate citations and bibliographies in MS Word, LibreOfiice, and LaTex.
  • Collaborate: Connect with colleagues and securely share your papers, notes and annotations.
  • More information: Mendeley (
  • Training video (English):
How to Use

※ Mendeley is a free service and anyone can create an account. If the researcher already has an account for ScienceDirect, Scopus or Reaxys, the previous account is also available for Mendeley.

  • Download and Install: Mendeley Web → Downloads
  • Join the UNIST group: Mendeley Web → Groups → UNIST → Join this Group

※ Benefits for joining the UNIST group

Plagiarism Detection Software: turnitin
  • Ensure Originality: Check students’ work for potential plagiarism by comparing it against the world’s largest comparison
  • Reporting: Similarity score and report, Content tracking
  • e-Rater Grammar Check (★ 2017 NEW!): It automatically checks papers for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors.


More information: turnitin

※ Turn it in Feedback Studio (August 2017) - Video Guide for Instructors

How to Use (for self checking)
  • Request an Account: Online Application Form
  • Receive a turn it in account and temporary password by e-Mail
  • Access the ‘turnitin’ and login
  • Submit your documents and check the similarity report