myARTICLEs, a research articles management system, enables easy management of research articles for UNIST researchers.


Manage your journal articles, conference papers and book chapter information with a help of librarian.

Citation number from Web of Science and SCOPUS, impact factor will be given to your journal articles automatically.

Statistics of your research achievements and your h-index can be calculated. Moreover, well-organized resume can be downloaded with one click.

Research Achievement Data Transmission

  • Research achievement data in myARTICLEs are automatically tramsmitted to UNIST portal, KRI(Korean Researcher Information), and ScholarWorks.
  • Only 'approved' data is transmitted, and articles currently at 'ACCEPT' condition is not transmitted
How to Access

  • Click myARTICLEs button at the link bar of UNIST Portal.

※ If myARTICLEs button is not on the link bar, please click [Link setting] button and add myARTICLEs  button on the link bar.