Writing & Submitting Your Thesis

Guide to writing and submitting theses and dissertations for graduates students.


※ Contact Info.

- Regarding guidelines for thesis/dissertation writing: Education Affairs Team (052-217-1114, jhsong@unist.ac.kr)

- Thesis submission / Depositing thesis in the repository: Library (052-217-1405, kyl7539@unist.ac.kr

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Guide for Thesis Writing

Please refer to a document  Guidelines for Thesis Wiriting(학위 청구논문 작성 지침)’ on the UNIST Portal.
(UNIST Portal > Board > School Register)


  1. Paper size: A4, The original color of pictures should be maintained even after printed. 
  2. Your department name or major should be written on ‘front cover’ and ‘title page’. 
  3. Signed page of ‘The confirmation of thesis/dissertation approval’ should be contained. 
  4. Reference style: Depending on student's needs and studying field, referencing style can be selected among 5 styles which are APA, AMS, ACS, IEEE, and Harvard style.
Why Should I Submit My Thesis?
  1. It’s a necessary process to get your doctorate or master’s. 
  2. Report your research to the UNIST. 
  3. Sharing your research with UNIST members or other future researchers.


Thesis Submission Process

There are 2 steps to submit your thesis.

  1. Submit the original file of your thesis on the dCollection. (http://unist.dcollection.net)
  2. Report your research to the UNIST.


The original file and hardback should be same contents.


Things for Submission


Electronic file (MS Word or PDF) ※ Please refer to the attached guide.



  1. Master’s degree: 2 copies / Doctoral degree: 4 copies (Also, 1 copy to the school office for both master’s and doctoral)
  2. Thesis/Dissertation Agreement (학위논문 공개 및 이용 동의서) - Revised in December 2017
    1. All authors of thesis/dissertation are required to make decision on the access to their thesis/dissertation and agree to the thesis/dissertation usage conditions.
    2. Document format is available to download on the botton of this web page.
    3. Please discuss your choice on the 'Access of Thesis/Dissertation' with your advisor.
      And your advisor's signature on the document is also requiired.
  3. Certificate of Thesis/Dissertation Submission (학위논문 제출 확인서)
    1. It'll be available to print out on the 'dCollection' website after getting approval for online submission form the library.