Most e-books are available to read online, while printing, copying, downloading, and audio features vary.

Maximum 3 Korean eBooks for 15 days each available. To use mobile application, access to website one time at first is required. Borrowed eBooks are automatically returned on their due dates.
  • Bookzip is a collection of book summaries.
  • It provides summmaries of domestic/international best seller, steady seller and new books by various format(hwp/doc/pdf).
  • It also provides some audiobooks and videos.
  • eBooks out of stock are available at computers for viewing DABOOke on the 2nd floor.
  • For Mobile App
EPYRUS eBook Library
Books I&I
  • Academic eBooks in Korean
  • READ ONLINE without borrow/return process
KRpia: Korean Database
  • ONLY 19 titles are available