General Public Membership 일반인 이용자 회원제

Anyone over 20 years old who wants to use the UNIST library can be a member. If you are a visitor, please check 'For Visitors' menu before visiting.

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Please don't hesitate to ask a librarian any questions!

Range of Service
EligibilityOver 20 years old
Period1 year


※ Deposit will be refunded after returning the library card.

Time available


※ During exam period, limited entry to library: 2 weeks before exam period ~ end of exam period

The use of study seatAssigned seats at East Side on the Library 3F
Borrow3 books for 7 days
Services not offeredInter-library loan, document delivery service, book renewal & reservation, off-campus access
To Apply for Membership

  1. Pay your deposit
    1. Payment account
      1. Deposit ₩200,000: 경남 232-0001-0835-01 (Account holder: 울산과학기술원)
      2. Card issue fee ₩5,000: 경남 547-07-0066988 (Account holder: (주) 서브원 김태오)
    2. The amount of payment: ₩ 205,000 (Deposit ₩200,000 + card issue fee ₩5,000)  ※ Depositor’s name must be the same as applicant’s name
  2. Submit membership application form
    1. Download and complete the application form. (attached below)
    2. Necessary documents: Application form, 2 copies of receipt confirmation
      Please e-mail to or submit to 3F Info desk of the library.
  3. Pick up your library card
    1. Librarian will notify you by phone or e-mail after your library card is ready (one week).
    2. Where: UNIST library 3F Info desk
    3. Business hours: Mon~Fri, 9:00~18:00
Renewal of Library Card
  • You may renew your library card for one more year one month before the expiration date 
  • How to renew: Visit 3F Info Desk or Phone call(052-217-1408)
To Request Refund

  1. Return all library materials
  2. Submit Deposit Return Request Form
    1. Download and complete Deposit Return Request Form. (attached below)
    2. Necessary documents: Deposit Return Request Form, copy of bank account information
      Please e-mail to or submit to 3F Info desk of the library. 
  3. Your deposit is returned
    1. We will return your deposit in a week
    2. Deposit can be deducted according to general public membership policy.
  • If an overdue book is not returned, you will not be able to borrow a new book based on the overdue date.
  • Please bring your library card when using UNIST library.
  • You may not lend your library card to others or use another person’s card to enter the library.
  • If you lose or damage library materials, your deposit will be deducted according to general public membership policy.


Lose library book

Deduct the current price of lost book

※  If the book went out of print,

  1. Deduct current price of the newest version of the book
  2. Deduct (1.5 X the purchase price of the book)

※  If deduction is higher than your deposit, you pay the difference plus the deposit.

Damage library book


₩ 10,000

Damage library book


Same with ‘lose library book’


  • Only principal will be returned (No interest).
  • Any behavior that disrupts studying or intentionally damaging library materials is prohibited. If violation occurs, your membership will be canceled.
Other Information
  • Information of School Parking Fee 


within 10 minutes


10 ~ 30 minutes

 ₩ 1,000

over 30 minutes

 ₩1,000(30 min.) + ₩ 300/per 10 minutes more

1 hour

₩ 1,900

Daily Maximum Fee 

₩ 16,000

The UNIST Library welcome visitors whose research requires use of our collections. But library services are not fully available but limited like below. If a visitor has any questions about the services, contact the library.

For WhomUlsan citizen, Other university student, Visitor
Allowed ServicesSearching or reading materials(book, journal, Web-DB) in the library on the 3rd floor
Limited ServicesBorrowing materials, Self-studying in the learning commons on the 2nd/4th floor
How to
  1. Visit the library information desk on the 1st floor
  2. Fill out an 'Application form for library use'
  3. Submit the form and get a temporary library card
  4. Use the library materials
  5. Turn in the card when the visitor leaves the library 
Additional Questions☎ (052)217-1417