Membership for a Spouse of the UNIST member

UNIST members may request a library card for his or her spouse.


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Please don't hesitate to ask a librarian any questions!

Spouse Membership

Range of Service
EligibilitySpouse of the UNIST faculty/staff
Card Issue Fee


Time available


※ During exam period, limited entry to library: 2 weeks before exam period ~ end of exam period

The use of study seatAssigned seats on the Library 3F
Borrow materials 5 books for 15 days / 3 DVDs for 4 days 
Services not offeredInter-library loan, Document Delivery Service, Off-Campus Access
To Apply for Membership
  1. Pay your Card Issue fee
    1. Payment account
      1. Card issue fee ₩5,000: 경남 547-07-0066988 (Account holder: (주) 서브원 김태오) Depositor’s name must be the same as applicant’s name
  2. Submit membership application form
    1. Download and complete the application form. (attached below)
    2. Necessary documents: Application form, 1 copy of receipt confirmation
      Please e-mail to or submit to 3F Info desk of the library.
  3. Pick up your library card
    1. Librarian will notify you by phone or e-mail after your library card is ready (one week).
    2. Where: UNIST library 3F Info desk
    3. Business hours: Mon~Fri, 9:00~18:00
  • If an overdue book is not returned, you will not be able to borrow a new book based on the overdue date.
  • Please bring your library card when using UNIST library.
  • You may not lend your library card to others or use another person’s card to enter the library.
  • If you lose or damage library materials, you or your guarantor should reimburse that. 
  • Any behavior that disrupts studying or intentionally damaging library materials is prohibited. If violation occurs, your membership will be canceled.


Lose library book1. If you lost or damage the library materials, you should reimburse that.
2. Bring a new item to information desk on the 3rd floor.

Damage library book


₩ 10,000

Damage library book


Same with the policy of ‘Lose library book’