The library provides ‘Turnitin’ program for similarity checking for journal article manuscripts, thesis/dissertations, assignment, etc. to all of UNIST members.


※ Contact Information

  • Plagiarism Checking for Thesis/Dissertation: Education Affairs Team (217-1117)
  • Research Ethics: Research Promotion Team (217-1173)
  • How to Use ‘Turnitin’ Program: Library Team (217-1405)


※ Thesis FAQ: Plagiarism Check


※ Create ‘Turnitin’ account: Login this website and Refer to the ‘Create Account’ Section

Turnitin is a similarity checking program to check the originality of students and researchers’ writings and prevent potential plagiarism.

  • It compares papers against Internet pages, subscription repository of periodicals, journals, publications and repository of previously submitted papers.
  • Students or researchers can check the similarity of their writings by ‘Self-Check’ functions. Professors and instructors also check their students’ assignments and papers.
  • E-Rater Grammer Check: Turnitin automatically checks papers for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors.
  • More information: Turnitin (http://www.turnitin.com/)

Create Account (for Self-Check)

Information for creating ‘Turnitin’ account (※ Only UNIST members, Login is required)

Request instructor role for Turnitin (Only for Professors and Staff)

  • Request an instructor account
    • Please contact the librarian (ext. 1405, kyl7539@unist.ac.kr.)
  • Overview
    • Professors and staff can use the ‘Turnitin’ as an instructor by requesting the role. Instructors can add classes and check similarity of the students’ works. (More information: Turninit – instructor Training)
    • Professors and teaching assistants can use the ‘Turnitin’ function in the BlackBoard system (※ Contact the UNIST Innovative Education Center)


Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection (April 2023)

  • AI Writing Detection
    • It detects how much of a paper is generated from generative AI tools. It can help instructors gain insights on how much of a student’s submission is authentic, human writing versus AI-generated from ChatGPT or other tools.
    • Accuracy of AI Detection: 98% – AI indicator only flags something as AI-written when they are 98% sure it is written by AI.
    • Only English documents can be detected. Non-English papers will be available to detect in the fourth quarter of 2023.
  • How to Use (※ Only the INSTRUCTOR account can see the AI indicator)
    1. Submit a paper on the Turnitin website or BlackBoard system.
    2. When it generates the similarity score, click the score to view the report.
    3. You can check the ‘AI indicator’ on the report page.
    4. To view the AI report, click the AI indicator.

AI_writing_detection__How_to_use_guide (Eng)

※ Video guide (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lye6mYeUc6o

※ Resource for educators: https://www.turnitin.com/resources/academic-integrity-in-the-age-of-AI

Doc-to-Doc Comparison – KCI Plagiarism Checker

  • KCI Plagiarism Checker
    • NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) provides similarity (plagiarism) checking services based on their Korea Citation Index (KCI) database. It is available to check for similarities by comparing your submitted files with the Korean scholarly papers (journal and conference papers). Furthermore, it also allows you to make a ‘Doc-to-Doc comparison’ by selecting comparison options (Comparing to uploading files or comparing with previously uploaded file(s)).
    • Anybody can use this service free of charge by creating a KCI account. Unfortunately, only the Korean interface is available.
  • How to Check Similarity
    1. Go to the KCI website (kci.go.kr) → Click ‘로그인(Login)’ button → Click ‘논문유사도검사(Similarity Checker)’ menu on the Korean interface

    2. [To upload files] Click ‘UPLOAD (파일 업로드)’ menu → Enter a submission title, select options and upload file(s) → Click ‘유사도 검사(Run)’

      ※ Options
      1) Submission title (검사명): Enter a title
      2) Search options (비교범위)
      – KCI 논문: Compare with the KCI database (Korean journal papers)
      – 학술대회 논문: Compare with conference papers
      – 현재 업로드 파일: Compare with uploading files (Doc-to-Doc comparison available)
      – 기존 업로드 파일: Compare with previously uploaded file(s) (Doc-to-Doc comparison available)
      3) Checking options (검사설정)
      – 인용문장: Include or exclude quoted materials
      – 출처표시문장: Include or exclude source marked sentence(s)
      – 목차/참고문헌: Include or exclude bibliographic materials
      – # 어절 이상이 연속하여 일치하는 경우 유사 의심 영역으로 처리: Set the minimum number(#) of sequent word segments. That can be considered as plagiarism part(s)
      4) Upload file(s): You can submit multiple files at once
    3. [To check results] ‘RESULT (유사도 결과)’ → Click the submission title → You can view detailed results

UNIST Research Ethics

Thesis/Dissertation FAQ - Using previously published materials in a thesis/dissertation

  • Library website > Research Supports > Writing & Submitting Thesis > FAQ


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