Group Study Room

‘학번-이름’으로 스터디룸 예약이 되지 않는 19학번 신입생들은 ‘학번-학번’을 입력하여 예약하시기 바랍니다. 문의: 052-217-1417 또는 3층 인포데스크 방문


Study Room Guidelines

  • A User must agree to ‘Agreement on Using Group Study Room‘ to use a group study room 
  • Reserve at the library website before use a group study room
  • Reservations can be done before 3 days up to the day of use
  • You should enter the colleagues information to make a reservation
  • If anyone who uses another’s personal information without permission is subject to restrict its use to library


  • Maximum 3 hours per day
  • No food and drink allowed in the study room
  • If a group with less than minimum members, they can be asked to leave the room
  • Please leave the room neat and clean for the following user

My reservation
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