Documnet Delivery Service

Delivers journal article, book chapter scans, theses from other institutions


  • It allows UNIST student, faculty and staff.
  • Free of charge (under $100)
  • After receiving text message, please take it at DDS desk at 3rd floor
  • Restriction on the use of DDs if you don’t get it at least 3 times or more per year

DDS GUIDE(eng)_2019_1

DDS 이용가이드(국문)_2019_1

Available Materials

※ Items are hard copies due to copyright.

Type Condition
Journal article Article, Conference Proceeding, Report 포함
Thesis Belong to PQDT
Book Per chapter, pages (not available for entire book)


Location Period
Domestic 2~7 business days
Abroad 22~14 business days (Some items over 14 business days)

How to Request

  • Library Website
    UNIST library website sign-in > Making Request > DDS > Enter the information of material
  • Find it @ UNIST (Google scholar, Scopus, etc.)
    Search the article > Select ‘Find it @ UNIST’ > Move to ‘Get it’ > Select ‘리소스 공유 요청’ > Check the information and request
  • Naver Academic
    Sign in and search at Naver Academic> Select library links : 울산과학기술원 > Select ‘리소스 공유 요청’ > Check the information and request
  • RISS
    Sign in and search at RISS > Select ‘복사/대출 신청’ > 01 문헌복사신청 > Check the information and choose providers
    ※ Please type your student/staff ID number when you register RISS.

Setting Link-Resolver

  • Google Scholar
    Settings > Library access links for ‘UNIST’ search > Select ‘울산과학기술원-유니스트(UNIST)-Find it @ UNIST’ and save
  • Naver Academic
    Setting at journal article page or My libraries > Search and save ‘울산과학기술원’

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