UNIST Library welcome visitors whose research requires use of our collections. But library services are not fully available but limited like below. If a visitor has any questions about the services, contact the library.


Category Details
For whom Ulsan citizen, Other university student, Visitor
※ Minors can only enter the library with a guardian)
Hours 09:00 ~ 22:00
Allowed Services Searching or reading materials(book, journal, Web-DB) in the library on the 3rd floor
Limited Services Borrowing materials, Self-studying in the learning commons on the 2nd/4th floor
How to
  1. Visit the library information desk on the 1st floor
  2. Fill out an ‘Application form for library use’
  3. Submit your ID card and get a temporary library card
  4. Return the library card and get your ID card when you leave the library
Additional Questions ☎ 052-217-1417
Others During exam period, limited entry to the library: 2 weeks before exam period ~ end of exam period

Campus Parking Fee

Hour Parking Fee
Less than 10 min. Free
10 ~ 30 min. ₩ 1,000
more than 30 min. ₩ 1,000(30 min.) + ₩ 300(per 10 min.)
1 Hour ₩ 1,900(60 min.)
Daily maximum fees ₩ 16,000

※ Small Cars(Less than 1,000CC ): 50% discount

※ Contact: (주)서브원 (052-217-6957, 6958)