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This is a Research Guide serves as a starting point for locating information on Advanced Material Science

Click on tabs to find References, Books, Web-DBs, Journals and Theses for Nano Materials Engineering.

Contact your subject librarian for any further information.

'Research Guide' is always OPEN for YOU!

  1. References : 연구하기에 앞서 기본 개념을 알기에 가장 좋은 참고자료 Encyclopedias & DIctionaries – Handbooks
  2. Books : UNIST Library에서 이용가능 한 도서들과 신착 자료 New Books – Browse Books – Call Numbers – eBook Platforms
  3. Web-DB : 논문을 통합적으로 검색할 수 있는 학술 데이터베이스와 이용 방법 What is “DB”? – Primary DB – Specific DB
  4. Journals & Articles : 최신 연구 결과를 확인할 수 있는 분야별 주요 학술지(Journal) Journal Quick Search – SCI(E) & Scopus Featured Journals
  5. Theses & Dissertations : UNIST  학위논문과 국내·외 학위논문 통합 검색 사이트 UNIST Theses & Dissertations – Seaech Theses & Dissertations – Thesis Writing Guide

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