Off-Campus Access

UNIST members can access to E-Resources through Off-Campus Access.

Off-Campus Access is only offered to currently enrolled students, faculty, staff and researchers of UNIST. (Graduates, Leave of absence and Retiree cannot use this service)

How to use Off-Campus Access

  1. Access through the Library Website
    • After login at the library website and check ‘OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS ON’ at the top-right of the main page.
    • Connect to the URL of the E-Resources after searching at the library website.
      • Go to e-Resources Databases or E-Journals and select on the list
      • After library search, use “Online access” materials.
  2. URL Direct Access or Bookmark
    • If you want to access a specific website, adhere ‘’ in front of the original address of the resources.
    • ※ Please login with UNIST Portal ID/PW
    • ※ ex)

How to Use Google Scholar and Naver Academic

On-Campus Access

Anyone on the UNIST campus can access to e-Resources. If you cannot access to the materials. your workplace may be using a firewall or a proxy server for security reasons. If you get the message, “This page cannot be displayed.”, then this connection problem is probably due to a firewall. In this case, please contact to the Information Technology Team for assistance. ☎ 052-217-1434

For Non-holdings Materials

If the materials not possessed by UNIST library, you can not access to the materials.
In this case, you can use the materials through DDS ILB Purchase Request services.

e-Resources Usage Rules

  • e-Resources are subject to copyright law and their use is also governed by the licence agreements that UNIST library signs with publishers when arraging electronic access.
  • Every user should respect and obey the polices of using E-Resources. If not, the user would be suspended from all library services and must pay for any damages if publisher demands.

What is Proxy Server?

Most of the Library’s e-resources(Databases, e-journals, e-books) are only available with the UNIST campus IP address under contract with publishers and providers.
Proxy Server
Proxy Server is a dedicated software system to give access from outside the library’s computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address.
Thorugh this proxy server, you can access to e-resources which the library subscribes from anywhere off campus

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