Writing, Submitting, Usage Thesis

  • To view the guide: Go to the UNIST Portal → Click the ‘Regulations Management System’ on the bottom of the website → Select: Academic affairs – Guidelines – Guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation Writing (Please refer to the attachment)

  • Questions regarding writing Thesis/Dissertation: Education Affairs Team (217-1117)


  • Paper size and binding: A4 (210㎜ x 297㎜), bound in hardcover (black)
  • Images or photos in the Thesis/Dissertation shall be printed in such a way as to maintain their original colors
  • Composition
    1. Front Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Thesis/Dissertation Approval
    4. Confirmation of Thesis/Dissertation Approval
    5. Abstract
    6. Separated Sheet of White Paper
    7. Table of Contents
    8. List of Figures
    9. List of Tables
    10. Technical Terms and Abbreviations
    11. Body
    12. References
    13. Acknowledgements
    14. Separated Sheet of White Paper
    15. Back Cover

Purpose of Submitting Thesis/Dissertation

  • A necessary process to report research results during graduate course and get master’s or doctorate degree
  • The library collects, preserves and disseminates Thesis/Dissertation as research outputs of UNIST.

Submission Process

Process Materials for Submission How to
1 Electronic file
(Online Submission)

Upload the electronic file on the thesis submission website ‘dCollection(http://unist.dcollection.net)’

  • Eligible formats: PDF or MS Word, etc.
  • Detailed process: Refer to the attached guide.
2 Hardbacks
(Printed Thesis)

After getting approval for the online submission, submit the hardbacks to the library

  • Master’s and Doctorate degree: 3 copies
    ※ All the approval pages of the hardbacks should be included signatures of advisor and committee members
Thesis/Dissertation Agreement
  • Regarding depositing Thesis/Dissertation into the repository and open the full-text on the web.
  • On the document, signatures of author and advisor should be included.
  • Format: Refer to the below attachments or notice board on the dCollection website.

Disclosure of UNIST Thesis

  • Submitted Thesis/Dissertation are preserved and disseminate like below
Electronic file Hardback (Printed thesis)
Access Electronic file of Thesis/Dissertation can be searched and accessed on the library and other related websites Hardbacks of Thesis/Dissertation can be access and browsed at the each libraries
Accessible libraries and websites
  1. UNIST Library website
  2. ScholarWorks@UNIST
  3. dCollection
  4. RISS
  5. National Assembly Library of Korea
  1. UNIST Library
  2. National Library of Korea
  3. National Assembly Library of Korea
Note Only permitted thesis/dissertation open on the web Only available in the libraries

How to Use Printed Thesis/Dissertation

  • Location: Library 3rd floor ‘Theses/Dissertation Shelves (East side, Next to the “Z” shelves)
  • Theses/Dissertation are only available in the library, not allowed to check-out.
  • To search for
    1. Library website → Type keywords, title, author, advisor or department of Thesis/Dissertation
    2. Refine search results by ‘Type: Dissertation” or “Location: [3F] Thesis”
    3. Check the call number of Thesis/Dissertation (e.g. : EEE 2015 D2)

How to Use Electronic format of Thesis/Dissertation

  • Websites for searching and browsing UNIST Thesis/Dissertation
No Website Features
1 UNIST Library website
UNIST library catalog
Print and electronic formats are available to search
2 dCollection
Thesis/Dissertation collecting and distributing system
* Useful to browse Thesis/Dissertation by departments
3 ScholarWorks@UNIST
UNIST institutional repository
Papers on ScholarWorks@UNIST are searchable on Google, etc.

UNIST Thesis/Dissertation Policy

  • All UNIST Thesis/Dissertation are opened and released based on the author’s decision.
Type Option Coverage
Metadata Open Theses/Dissertation will be searchable on the web
Print Format Open Only available in the library and not allowed to check-out
Conditional Access Temporarily restricted from public for a restricted period of time
Electronic Format Open Available to access view the full-text on the web
Conditional Access Temporarily restricted from the public. Full-text will be available on the web after the restricted period of time has elapsed
Block Access Not release, only preservation



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