E-book is a digital material that can be read, downloaded, and printed through the PCs or the mobile devices by digitizing the contents of works published.

You can read E-Books only purchased by the library. You can use Purchase Request service for items not purchased yet.

Korean E-Books

Site Package Title Contents How to Use
YES24 Yes24 Domestic E-Book service provided by various publishes.
To use mobile application, you will need at least one access from your computer to each website.
※ for Mobile App login: ID=student number / PW=date of birth(YYMMDD)
  • Access after webpage login.
  • Maximum 3 books for 15 days each available.
  • Automatic return after expiration of the loan period.
  • It is also used in PC and mobile. Please refer to guide page.
Y2Books Y2Books
Bookzip Bookzip Bookzip provides summaries of best seller, steady seller and new books by various format.
Auto English AE앱도서관
  • Mobile App (Language Learning App)
  • Auto English is a mobile application which includes various electronic books for learning foreign languages. Available languages are English, Chinese, German, French, Vietnamese, Spanish and Italian.
1. Download the application on your mobile device. (Search ‘AE 앱도서관’ on APP store or Play store)
2. Run the application and select the ‘UNIST’ on the library list.
3. Login the application (UNIST Portal ID & Password)
4. Select a electronic book and click the ‘check-out’ button.
5. The checked-out books are available on the ‘My Books’ tab.

English E-Books Providers

Site Package Title Contents How to Use
EBSCO E-Book Collection This provider contains more than 200,000 E-Books, which are published by various publishers. Since the UNIST library focuses on collecting E-Books in science and technology, this can be helpful when you need eBooks in other subjects.
  • Download PDF limited to only some pages in allowed maximum pages per title.
  • Check-out & Read for 7-14 days using Adobe Digital Editions.

English E-Books Publishers

Site/Package Title Contents How to Use
Springer E-Books
  • ‘Science, Technology and Management’ including newly updated titles every year.
  • Downloading E-Book full-text at one click is available.
  • Unlike Korean E-Books, downloading PDF files per chapter is available in case of many English E-Books.
  • On each E-Book platform, available E-Books are usually shown with UNLOCKED mark.
Wiley Online Library
  • Only purchased titles available.
ScienceDirect (Elsevier)
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Downloading E-Book full-text at one click is available.
Tylor & Francis
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Check ‘Show content I have access to’ button to see purchased titles only.
Cambridge Core
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Check ‘Full Access Content Only’ button to see purchased titles only.
Oxford Scholarship Online
  • Only titles in 3 subjects(Biology, Mathematics, Physics) available.
  • To download PDF, click ‘View PDF’ on the webpage of each chapter.
World Scientific E-Books
  • Only purchased titles available.
M&C Synthesis & Colloquiim
  • Titles updated until 2013 available.
IOP E-Book
  • ​70 titles published in 2017-2018 available.

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