E-book is a digital material that can be read, downloaded, and printed through the PCs or the mobile devices by digitizing the contents of works published.

You can read E-Books only purchased by the library. You can use Recommend a Purchase service for items not purchased yet.

Korean E-Books

Site for PC for Mobile Contents How to Use
YES24 Yes24 Domestic E-Book service provided by various publishes.
To use mobile application, you will need at least one access from your computer to each website.
※ for Mobile App login: ID=student number / PW=date of birth(YYMMDD)
  • Access after webpage login.
  • Maximum 3 books for 15 days each available.
  • Automatic return after expiration of the loan period.
  • It is also used in PC and mobile. Please refer to guide page.
Y2Books Y2Books

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English E-Books Providers

Site Package Title Contents How to Use
EBSCO E-Book Collection This provider contains more than 200,000 E-Books, which are published by various publishers. Since the UNIST library focuses on collecting E-Books in science and technology, this can be helpful when you need eBooks in other subjects.
  • Available view online but downloading PDF is limited to only some pages in allowed maximum pages per title.
  • To download PDF, click ‘PDF(EPUB) Full Text’ on the left and click ‘Save Pages’ at the top.
  • ‘Full Download’ means borrowing the eBook using ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ and downloaded ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ files will be expired after due date.


English E-Books Publishers

Site/Package Title Contents How to Use
Springer E-Books
  • ‘Science, Technology and Management’ including newly updated titles every year.
  • Downloading E-Book full-text at one click is available.
  • Unlike Korean E-Books, downloading PDF files per chapter is available in case of many English E-Books.
  • On each E-Book platform, available E-Books are usually shown with UNLOCKED mark.
Wiley Online Library
  • Only purchased titles available.
ScienceDirect (Elsevier)
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Downloading E-Book full-text at one click is available.
Taylor & Francis
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Check ‘Show content I have access to’ button to see purchased titles only.
Cambridge Core
  • Only purchased titles available.
  • Check ‘Full Access Content Only’ button to see purchased titles only.
Oxford Scholarship Online
  • Biology, Mathematics, Physics(~2015), Public Health and Epidemiology, Public Health, Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology (2019~2020) available.
  • To download PDF, click ‘View PDF’ on the webpage of each chapter.
World Scientific E-Books
  • Only purchased titles available.
M&C Synthesis & Colloquiim
  • Titles updated until 2013 available.
IOP E-Book
  • 246 titles published in 2017-2019 available.
Business Expert Press
  • A wide range of business-related subjects.
  • About 990 titles
  • Available period: – Aug. 31, 2021
GVRL KERIS Collection
  • Reference Books About 4,900 titles
ProQuest eBook Reference Collection
  • Reference Books About 870 titles (2003~Current)
O‘Reilly Higher Education
  • Books 43,266 titles, Video 5,467 titles of IT subject


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