Group Study Room

How to Use Group Study Rooms

  • Every User should access to the Group Study Room Page at least once to check the ID before making a reservation. (Portal ID/PW)
  • Reserve at the library website or mobile app ‘Clicker’ before using a group study room
  • Reservations can be done before 3 days up to the day of use
  • Make a reservation by entering the information (student ID number) of the minimum number of people sharing the room → ‘Reservation confirmation’ process is required for actual use (QR code scan. effective Nov. 1, 2023, related notice)

    • How to: Scan the QR code in front of each study room using the mobile reservation system ‘Clicker’ app
    • Target: All study room users
    • Valid time: Reservation start time – 30 minutes (30 minutes past the hour)
    • If a confirmation is not completed within the valid time, the reservation will be automatically canceled and restrictions will be applied to all users.

    ※ Error on scanning QR code (iOS)

    If the error ‘Request to confirm user information (login re-request)’ occurs when using QR authentication (Clicker App) on the iOS, please change the Safari App settings as follows.

    If the setting doesn’t work,

    • Hide IP address: Off
    • Advanced → JavaScript: On


  • If anyone who uses another’s personal information without permission is subject to restrict its use to the library


Group Study Room Guidelines

  • Maximum 3 hours per day
  • Exclusive use is not allowed. The minimum capacity for each study room must be observed. If fewer people enter than the minimum number of people, you may be asked to leave.
  • Restrictions on Study Room Reservation (Effective Nov. 1, 2023)
    • Target: Unconfirmed reservations
    • Restrictions: All study room users cannot reserve a study room for 7 days. (※ Restrictions do not apply to the first violation.)
  • No food and drink allowed in the study room
  • A user who has overdue materials for more than 30 days, cannot use a group study room
  • Please leave the room neat and clean for other users

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