Citation Tools

  • The library provides citation tools to help researchers to collect and organize references efficiently and generate bibliography automatically based on the various reference styles such as ACS, APA and IEEE style, etc.
  • UNIST has 2 licensed programs: ‘EndNote’ and ‘Mendeley’.
    Please refer to the following features of each program and choose the best partner for your research.

EndNote is a software package designed to help you to organize reference and create bibliographies. (The latest version: EndNote 21 – June 2023)

  • Store and organize your references, related notes and PDF files of journal articles, conference papers, etc. in a program
  • Insert citations and references into your manuscript and automatically create a bibliography in MS Word and PowerPoint.
  • Citation Report: Find out the number of citations and h-index of a group of reference from the EndNote with Web of Science
  • Manuscript Matcher: Take the guesswork out of journal submission – find the best-fit journals for your paper based on the references (EndNote Web,
  • More Info.: EndNote ( | EndNote Web (

To Download and Install

  • Download
    • UNIST Portal ( → Software Download → EndNote (※ The Portal’s Software download menu is accessible only in the UNIST IP range)
  • To Install the program (for Windows)
    1. Download the compressed file of the installation
    2. Extract the two files into the same directory folder (※ After extraction, ‘EN20Inst.msi’ and ‘License.dat’ files should be in the same folder)
    3. Run the ‘EN20Inst.msi’ file to install
      ※ If the program shows a message like ‘Enter a serial number for installation’ in the process, it means the setup program can’t read the serial number automatically. Go back to the 2nd process and extract the files again.


Use of EndNote ‘Find Full Text’ Function is Prohibited: For Fair Use of e-Resources

Regarding Updates

  • EndNote Version 20.2 System Error (Nov. 19, 2021): Temporary Solution: Downgrade to 20.1 Version
    • Overview: EndNote version 20.2 (released Nov. 9, 2021) users may experience a system error when importing references from the EndNote program into MS Word.
    • To temporarily fix this error, the program manufacturer recommends downgrading the EndNote program to version 20.1 until the problem is resolved.
    • How to Downgrade (for Windows): Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Installed Updates → Uninstall the ‘EndNote 20.2 Update’
  • EndNote for Mac: macOS Catalina Compatibility (Oct. 2019)
    • EndNote X9 for macOS has been updated for compatibility with Catalina. If you already have EndNote X9, please install all updates as they become available to avoid interruption in your workflow. You can access the updates here.
    • However, if you have already upgraded to Catalina OS before updating your EndNote program to EndNote X9.3.1, the EndNote app will be disabled in the Applications folder. To fix this, you would need to reinstall the EndNote X9 version with the latest update
    • How to: 1) Uninstall the previous EndNote program
      2) Delete previous dmg file
      3) Download the installer file from the ‘UNIST Portal – Software Guide’ and install the new installer
    • Contact Info.:
  • Compatibility problems between EndNote X9.2 and X9.3 (Jul. 2020)
    • EndNote X9.3 only complies with 64-bit library files. Therefore, 32-bit files created in X9.2 or earlier versions will not work on the X9.3 versions of EndNote.
    • To use previous library files in current X9.3 version of EndNote, you must convert the files to 64-bit. The program will convert files automatically when you update the program.
    • If you have any problem with your EndNote program, please contact the library (
    • To check your version of EndNote go to: EndNote > Help > About EndNote X9.

Mendeley is a free reference manager program designed to help you to organize PDFs and generate citations and bibliographies.

  • Store and Organize: Import and organize PDF files from your computer
  • Collaborate: Connect with researchers worldwide
  • More Info:

Create an account and install the program

  • Create an Account
    • Website:
      ※ Mendeley is a free service and anyone can create an account. If you already have an account for ScienceDirect, Scopus or Reaxys, the existing one is also available for Mendeley.
  • Download desktop program
  • Mendeley Institutional Edition
    • You can upgrade your Mendeley account to ‘Mendeley Institutional Edition’ account by login the Mendeley in the UNIST campus.
※ Differences
Free Edition Institutional Edition
Personal Storage 2 GB 100 GB
Shared Library 100 MB 100 GB
Collaborators Up to 25 Up to 100
Private Groups Up to 5 Unlimited

※ When you graduate, you can use the institutional edition for 12 months after you leave.



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