Library Hacks for Freshmen

  • Do I need to agree ‘UNIST Library’s Personal Information Processing Consent Policy’?
    Yes. UNIST members who do not provide consent for personal information will not be able to use the library’s personalized service. So please visit the library website and submit your consent form. (※ Related notice: Click )
  • Can I enter the library without ID card?
    Yes.  You can enter the library without ID card, but only the 1st floor. Most of books and study spaces are located from 2nd to 4th floor. If you want to visit from 2nd to 4th floor, you need to bring your ID card. Please check the related notice first when you visit the library.
  • How can I reserve the study space(or study room)?
    Please download the mobile app ‘Clicker’. After logging in, you can reserve the study space seat or study room. Every Users should access to Group Study Room Page at least once to check the ID before make a reservation. (Portal ID/PW)
  • Can I borrow a checked out book?
    Yes. Please first make a reservation for the borrowed book on the library website. When the book becomes available, the library will send a notification message (via email or SMS).
  • Where are the Course Reserve books?
    Course Reserves and BSB shelves are located in front of information desk of 3rd floor. Course Reserve books are available to check out. (Max. 5 hours per book / Overdue Fines: 200 KRW per book per hour)
  • Can I borrow DVDs outside of campus?
    No. To borrow DVDs, you must visit the library.
  • Can I request a new book not available in the library?
    Yes. You can request ‘Purchase Request’ or ‘Interlibrary Borrowing’ services on the library website.
  • Further Questions about the library:  FAQ


The UNIST library provides lots of materials that you can read. Also, we provide e-books you can read and download through the PCs or the mobile devices. Just search for keywords on the library website.

Print Books
  • Most of books are located on 3rd floor. Please check the availability of book first.
  • Browse UNISTAR’s Favorite Books: Favorite Books
  • Book Collections
    • 1F: New Arrivals   Book Curation  Comic Books
    • 3F: Course Reserves / Basic Science Books / Book Collections / Faculty’s Choice
      (※ Course Reserves and Basic Science Books are located in front of 3rd information desk.)
  • Overdue Fines: 100KRW per mateial per day
E-Books / Audiobooks

Study Spaces

The Library provides a variety of study spaces. From the book café to silent study rooms, and quiet spaces.
There are different kinds of seating in the library, such as traditional desks and soft-seating. You may take bottled water and other lidded drinks, including hot drinks.


  • Studying by yourself? Silent Study

When working in a Silent Zone, please do not talk and keep your phone on silent to avoid disturbing others. Get a seat by using mobile app ‘clicker’ or machine on the 2nd floor. Seat Availability

Silent Study Space
  • Chair, desk and plug sockets (Some desks have divider.)
  • From 2F to 4F
Silent Study Space with PC
  • Chairs, desks with divider
  • 2F
Silent Study Space without some items
(No laptop Zone)
  • Chair, desk and plug sockets
  • Restricted items: Keyboard, mouse, and Apple pencils
  • 2F


  • Studying with others? Group Study

The studyrooms are for groups of up to 12 students depending on the room and are equipped with screen and whiteboard. If you want to use studyrooms, please book it in advance. Group Study Room

How to use information resources

If you have know idea how to get essential information resources about your coursework or research.

For your efficient research activities, the UNIST Library offers library classes and research guides.


  • Library Classes
    • Library classes are training sessions about consulting for scholarly information, using citation tools, etc. We offer online class video and guides, so you can view or read it whenever you want.
    • Online Classes Online Guides
  • Research Guides
    • Research Guides each of which is designed to help you find the most useful resources relevant to your department. It contains useful information and details of recommended resources to support your studies.
    • Research Guides