Interlibrary Borrowing

Interlibrary Borrowing provides short term loans of books from other libraries that are not found in the library’s collection.


  • It allows UNIST student, faculty and staff.
  • Free of charge
  • Take 2-5 business days
  • When the material is arrived notification will be sent by the library
  • After receiving the notification please take your requested materials on the 3rd floor Information Desk
  • Use the books up to 3 weeks
  • Restriction on the use of ILB if you don’t bring it at least 3 times or more per year

ILB GUIDE(eng)_2019_1

How to Request

  • STAR Library
    Sign in and search at STAR Library Portal > ‘Holdings Info’ > Select the book and click ‘ILL Request’
    Sign in and search at RISS > Select ‘단행본’ > ‘복사/대출 신청’ > 02. 도서대출신청 > Check the information and choose providers
    ※ Please type your student/staff ID number when you register RISS.
  • Library Website
    When you cannot find the desired information in the STAR Library or RISS UNIST library website sign-in > Making Request > ILB > Enter the information of book

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