Off-Campus Access

UNIST members can access the Library’s electronic resources (e.g. e-Books, journal papers and scholarly databases) remotely via several methods below.

This service is offered only to currently enrolled students, faculty members, staff and researchers of UNIST. (Graduates, those on a leave of absence, or retirees are ineligible.)

The Library's Proxy Server

  • Accessible resources
    • All electronic resources supported by publishers’ or providers’ proxy server access option (Consult the Library resource list)
  • How to (※ Only UNIST members, Login is required)

What is Proxy Server?

Most of the Library’s e-resources(Databases, e-journals, e-books) are only available with the UNIST campus IP address under contract with publishers and providers.

Proxy Server is a dedicated software system to give access from outside the library’s computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address.
Thorugh this proxy server, you can access to e-resources which the library subscribes from anywhere off campus

Institutional Login/Shibboleth Login

Use your institution-affiliated account (Device Pairing)

  • How to
    1. Create an account on the journal or database website > Log in to your account from within UNIST IP ranges (The website will automatically affiliate with UNIST).
    2. You will be able to access UNIST-licensed contents by logging in to the website outside of campus for a permitted period (permitted periods: 3-6 months; To activate your account for remote access, you should log in the website within UNIST IP ranges again).
  • Function available publishers/websites (Updated May 2020)

Google CASA (Universal CASA)

  • Overview
    • Campus Activated Subscriber Access (More information, refer to Google Scholar or HighWire)
    • If you are connected to a UNIST network and use Google Scholar, Google will record UNIST’s subscription on your device or Google account.
    • When you do search on Google Scholar with same device or Google account outside of campus, Google Scholar will provide off-campus access links on your search results.
  • How to (We recommend using your Google account.)
    1. Log into your Google account from UNIST IP ranges > Visit Google Scholar ( and do a search. (If you visit only one journal website, Google will record UNIST’s subscription.)
    2. Outside of UNIST campus: Visit the Google Scholar > Log in with your Google account > Do a search and check the off-campus access link from the search results (If not, you need to control setting: Google Scholar > Settings > Account > Signed-in off-campus access links)
      ※ The recorded subscription information will be expired after 30 days (for more details, please check publisher’s page). You need to re-activate your Google account from within UNIST IP ranges.
  • Function available publishers/websites (Updated May 2020)


  • On Campus Access
    • Anyone on the UNIST campus can access to e-Resources. If you cannot access to the materials. your workplace may be using a firewall or a proxy server for security reasons. If you get the message, “This page cannot be displayed.”, then this connection problem is probably due to a firewall. In this case, please contact to the Information Technology Team for assistance. ☎ 052-217-1434
  • For Non-holdings Materials
    • If the materials not possessed by UNIST library, you can not access to the materials. In this case, you can use the materials through DDS ILB Recommend a Purchase services.
  • e-Resources Usage Rules
    • e-Resources are subject to copyright law and their use is also governed by the licence agreements that UNIST library signs with publishers when arraging electronic access. Every user should respect and obey the polices of using E-Resources. If not, the user would be suspended from all library services and must pay for any damages if publisher demands.

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