Hackers (Language Learning)

‘Hakers Online Contents’ includes various classes about learning foreign languages such as English, Chinese, German, French, etc.

(All classes are in KOREAN.)



  • Available about 121 classes
Categories TOEIC TOEIC SPEAKING OPIC Chinese Japanese Others
(Spanish, German, etc.)
Classes 42 6 9 14 16 32 2
  • Available to download teaching materials as electronic files (※ Some classes do not provide teaching materials.)
  • Available to take TOEIC mock exams

How to use

1. PC

  • Log into the library website ▶ Access to the e-Resources ‘Hackers’ page ▶ Click the button ‘Hackers’
  • Hackers


2. Mobile

  • Access to URL(mobiz.champstudy.com) ▶ Enter the institutional code & ID & PW
  • Available to view lectures only that you registered in the Hackers site
  • If you use iPhone or iPad, etc., please use web browser such as Google, Naver, except for Safari.


※ You can check the detailed information for moblie login.


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