Staff Directory

If you need to find contact information for the library services, please consult the staff directory below.

Kim, Hyoil
Dean of Academic Information Affairs Office
Kim, Jiyeon
Choo, Bong su
Facilities & Automation Systems
Organizing Korean Books
Donated Books
Research Fund Books
Kim, Doyeon
Research Performance Management & Analysis
Korean Researcher Information
Park, Nami
Collecting & Organizing Books
Multimedia (DVD)
Library Membership, 3F Management
Cheon, Sejin
Journals&Databases Service
Open Access Membership
Library Class
Library Tour
Kim, Soyeon
Administrative Records Management
Historical Materials Collection and Management
Archives Operations
Hwang, Jieun
Library Website & System
UNIST Theses & Dissertations
Solutions: Citation tools, turn it in
Heo, Eun Jeong
Magazines & Newspapers
Research Performance Management
Library Renovation
Park, Jihyun
On leave of absence
Kwon, Yulee
On leave of absence