Policies of Using E-Resources

E-Resources are subject to copyright law and their use is also governed by the license agreements that UNIST library signs with publishers when arranging electronic access. So all users should respect and obey the E-Resources fair use policies. If not, the user would be suspended from all library services and must pay for any damages if publisher demands.

Cases of excessive download violation

  • ACS Journals (2024. 2.)
  • APS Journals (2024. 2.)
  • Taylor&Francis Journals (2024. 2.)

Fair Use of E-Resources

  • Fair Use of E-Resources
    • A reasonable number of downloads and prints for nonprofit education and research purposes.
  • Prohibited Actions on E-Resources Usage
    • Downloading and printing a large number of articles within a short amount of time using automatic program or software.
    • Downloading and printing of entire specific volumes and issues.
    • Excessive downloading and printing that exceeds the range of research purposes.
    • Use of downloaded and printed materials for commercial purposes other than an individual’s research.
    • Sharing user ID’s or passwords with others.

Penalties for the Violation of the Fair Use of E-Resources

  • Guidelines on the Operation and Use if the Library (Regulation No.214)
    • As soon as a violation is found, an official caution letter shall be sent to the departments, or research teams of violators.
    • A person with two or more violations shall be limited in accessing the facilities, checking out materials, applying for materials, making reservations, and using the reading room and study room.
    • For a person with three or more violations, an official caution or warning letter shall be sent to the HR department of the violator along with violation evidence materials.
    • When publishers ask for compensation, violators shall take responsibility.

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