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StartFragmentFinance is an area to study the ways in which individuals, corporations, and other business organizations allocate resources and make financial decisions in the capital markets. Courses in Finance include Financial Management, Investment Analysis, Money & Banking and Financial Engineering which cover various academic areas as well as practical techniques with both broad and specific perspectives.


Accounting helps managers to create and disseminate financial accounting information to communicate effectively with investors and capital market participants, and apply managerial accounting information internally to make more efficient financial and economic decisions. Courses in Accounting include Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Information System, and Auditing which cover the principles and practices of accounting.

Research Guide Introduction

‘재무/회계’ 전공자들을 위한 학술정보가이드

This research guide covers resources available at UNIST library. This is not a comprehensive research guide but provides selected resources which are the most useful for locating information on Finance/Accounting

  1. References: 기본 개념을 알기에 가장 좋은 참고자료 (Reference books, Encyclopedias, Online Dictionaries)
  2. Books: UNIST Library에서 이용가능한 도서 (Recommended Books, e-Book packages & more)
  3. Web-Databases: 아티클 검색에 유용한 학술데이터베이스의 유형 및 이용 방법 (Useful databases for searching scholarly research articles)
  4. Articles: 경영학 분야의 대표 논문 (Hot Articles, Professors’s Articles, Highly Cited Papers, RSS feeds)
  5. Journals: 최신 연구 결과를 확인할 수 있는 주요 학술지 (Featured Journals, Journal Websites, Evaluating Journals & more)
  6. Financial Databases: 재무/회계 분야 특화 데이터베이스 (Specific databases for the financial)
  7. Theses: UNIST 및 국내외 학위논문 통합검색 사이트(Useful sites for Theses & dissertations)
  8. Writing Tips & Reference Tools: 논문작성에 도움이 되는 다양한 자료 (Useful reference tools)
  9. Statistical Software: 경영학부에서 이용 가능한 통계 소프트웨어 (List of available statistical software)

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