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About Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental science

Environmental analysis and monitoring, forecast of weather and climate change, capture and storage of greenhouse gases

원격탐사와 측정분석장비를 이용한 환경오염의 입체적 감시, 수퍼컴퓨터 기반 기상 및 기후변화 예측, 온실가스 회수 등의 연구

Environmental engineering

Water treatment process using membrane technologies, biological and chemical processes, desalination

첨단 수처리 공학 기술을 목표로 분리막 기술, 해수담수화 기술, 고도산화처리, 생물학적 수처리/에너지 연구에 집중

— School of Urban and Environmental Engineering
도시환경공학부 웹사이트

Research Guide Introduction

This research guide covers academic resources for ESE members.
It helps you search and get useful academic information when you study and research.

  • References: (e)Encyclopedia, (e)Handbooks, and other References
  • Books: Featured (e)Books, Tips for browsing books, eBook packages & more
  • Search Articles (Databases): Useful platforms for searching scholarly research articels
  • Browse Journals: Featured Journals, Journal Websites, Evaluating Journals & more
  • Theses & Dissertations: Useful platforms for searching theses, Reference tools
  • Patents & Standards: Patents databases, Standards websites

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