How do I pay overdue fines?

1. Online payment system


Overdue fines can be paid with a credit card through an online payment system.


① Agreement of payment: Agree to the terms and conditions of electronic financial transactions.

② Select the card to proceed.




2. Account transfer


Also you can pay overdue fines via account transfer. After transferring overdue fines to the designated account, please either send a confirmation to a staff member in charge of work or visit the 3rd floor Information Desk. Blocks related to overdue materials will be deleted at this time.


  • Deposit: Kyongnam Bank(경남은행) 232-0001-2892-00 (Account Holder: 울산과학기술원)


(* Contact Info.: Library 052-217-1417, 1406/ choisy@unist.ac.kr)


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