What is a recall?

  1. What is a recall?

The recall is a request to bring a book that has more 10days left to return. The recalled book gets a new due date, which is in 10 calendar days.


  1. Recall Target: Books with more than 10 days left to return

­ – If a book being borrowed is recalled, an e-mail or SMS is sent to the user who borrowed the book to notify them that it is a recalled book.

­ – If the expected return date remains less than 10 days, it will not be changed.

­ –  When you return the recalled book, you must return it directly to the library or return it to the self-service machine.

– Overdue fines: 500KW per book per day


  1. Detailed notice: https://library.unist.ac.kr/en/guide/notice/?pid=30741&ks=

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