How much do I have to pay?

People at UNIST who have overdue materials will be charged fines of 100KRW per material per day. Overdue fines shall be applied from the day following the designated borrowing period to the day on which the overdue materials are returned.

Overdue fines for ‘Course Reserves’, ‘Basic Science Books’ will be charged 200KRW per book per hour and overdue fines for ‘Recall books’ will be charged 500KRW per book per day.  Please keep these loan policies in mind, as the rules and overdue penalties for ‘Course Reserves’ differ from other collections.


  • Overdue block:  Library Website > My Account > Overdue block (Shortcut)
  • Pay overdue fines:  Library Website > My Account > Pay Overdue fines (Shortcut)

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