Ask UNIST Chatbot “AI-U” about Library Services!

The UNIST chatbot “AI-U” now can answer your questions regarding Library services.

If you have any questions during the librarians’ off-hours, please contact the “AI-U”.


  • How to use: Access the UNIST Portal (web or mobile) → Run the “AI-U” → Type your questions or keyword on the “AI-U” chat room.
  • Question examples;
    • Where can I get the new book that I requested?
    • “Freshman library” or “I don’t have Student a ID card yet because I’m a freshman. Can I borrow a book?”
    • “SciFinder” or “How can I make a SciFinder account?”
  • Other ways to contact the Library

※ Only Korean service is now available. English version of the library services of “AI-U” will be available from March 2021.