Guide to Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection

Similarity-checking program ‘Turnitin’ can now detect AI-generated writing.
If you need to check a document’s originality, try to check the similarity score and Turnitin’s AI indicator.


  • AI Writing Detection
    • It detects how much of a paper is generated from generative AI tools. It can help instructors gain insights on how much of a student’s submission is authentic, human writing versus AI-generated from ChatGPT or other tools.
    • Accuracy of AI Detection: 98% – AI indicator only flags something as AI-written when they are 98% sure it is written by AI.
    • Only English documents can be detected. Non-English papers will be available to detect in the fourth quarter of 2023.
  • How to Use (※ Only the INSTRUCTOR account can see the AI indicator)
    1. Submit a paper on the Turnitin website or BlackBoard system.
    2. When it generates the similarity score, click the score to view the report.
    3. You can check the ‘AI indicator’ on the report page.
    4. To view the AI report, click the AI indicator.

※ Turn it in: Library homepage > RESEARCH SUPPORTS > Plagiarism checking(Turnitin)

※ Guide (English) AI_writing_detection__How_to_use_guide (Eng)

※ Video guide (English)

※ Resource for educators:

※ Contact Info.: Kwon, Yulee (Librarian, 052-217-1405,