Databases(Web DBs) are collections of scholarly materials which are very useful tools for researchers to search and find relevant resources for their literature study. It contains bibliographical information or full text of journal articles, conference proceedings, magazines, reports, etc. in specific subjects.


Through library’s Database menu, users can browse and access variety databases by title and subject.

(It includes primary free databases also.)


※ Primary Databases by Type

1) Journal Package (Full Text): ScienceDirect, Wiley, Springer, Nature eJournals, Scinece(AAAS),  IEEE, ACS, RSC, AIP, T&F, etc.

2) Abstract & Index (+ Full Text): EBSCOhost ASC/BSU, ProQuest Central, MathSciNet, etc.

3) Citation Index: Scopus, Web of Science

4) Specific Information: Chemical Substance & Reactions(SciFinder, Reaxys), Standards(ASTM), Patents(WIPS ON), JCR(Journal Impact Factor), etc.


2022 eResources@UNIST Library

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  • : Available via IOP journal platform from 2020
  • : The new platform of the LexisNexis Academic
  • : Available 93 journals published by Nature Publishing Group
  • : SciFinder will be out of service so please access ‘SciFinder-n’
  • : Access ASTM easily! If you want to access to the ASTM outside of campus, please refer to the \\\'ASTM Off campus access Guide\\\'.
  • : Changed Title: NDSL→ScienceON
  • : New Subscription: Matter, Trends in Chemistry
  • : Available via Springer
  • Auto English (스마트앱북, App)

    A mobile application which includes various electronic books for learning foreign languages.

    How to use Details
    How to use

    1. Download the application on your mobile device. (Search ‘AE 앱도서관’ on APP store or Play store)
    2. Run the application and select the ‘UNIST’ on the library list.
    3. Login the application (UNIST Portal ID & Password)
    4. Select a electronic book and click the ‘check-out’ button.
    5. The checked-out books are available on the ‘My Books’ tab.

    ※ All UNIST members can check-out 5 items for 14 days. After 14 days, the book will be returned automatically


    Type: Mobile App (Language learning app)

    Subject: Language Studies

    Provider: Smart App Book

    • Auto English is a mobile application which includes various electronic books for learning foreign languages. Available languages are English, Chinese, German, French, Vietnamese, Spanish and Italian.

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