Databases(Web DBs) are collections of scholarly materials which are very useful tools for researchers to search and find relevant resources for their literature study. It contains bibliographical information or full text of journal articles, conference proceedings, magazines, reports, etc. in specific subjects.


UNIST members can browse and access databases(including primary free databses) by the title and subject.


※ Primary Databases by Type

1) Journal Package (Full Text): ScienceDirect, Wiley, Springer, Nature eJournals, Scinece(AAAS),  IEEE, ACS, RSC, AIP, T&F, etc.

2) Abstract & Index (+ Full Text): EBSCOhost ASC/BSU, ProQuest Central, MathSciNet, etc.

3) Citation Index: Scopus, Web of Science

4) Specific Information: Chemical Substance & Reactions(SciFinder, Reaxys), Standards(ASTM), Patents(WIPS ON), JCR(Journal Impact Factor), etc.


2024 eResources@UNIST Library

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  • : Available via IOP journal platform from 2020
  • : Available to access new launching journals: Nature Cardiovascular Research, Nature Reviews Psychology, Nature Mental Health
  • : Available to access Journal of Fluid Mechanics(JFM) backfile(1956~)
  • : New Subscription: Science Immunology
  • : Access ASTM easily! If you want to access to the ASTM outside of campus, please refer to the \'ASTM Off campus access Guide\'.
  • : New Subscription: Chem Catalysis
  • : Available via Springer
  • : Available to access Journal of The Electrochemical Society backfile(1930~)
  • DBPIA (Korean Journals)

    Available about 1,400 Korean journals in all subjects published by Korean societies

    Details FAQ Manual(Kor) Tutorial(Kor)
    How to use

    • Type: Journal Package
    • Subject: All Subjects
    • Provider: NuriMedia
    • DBPIA is a journal platform which includes about 1,400 journals published by Korean societies in various fields. UNIST members can get full-text of scholarly materials in all subjects.

  • De Gruyter

    Available about 350 journals in humanities and social sciences published by De Gruyter

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    How to use

    • Type: Journal Package
    • Subject: All Subject
    • Provider: De Gruyter
    • The academic publisher De Gruyter can look back at a company history of over 260 years.Today, the De Gruyter group publishes over 1,300 new titles each year in the humanities, social sciences, STM and law. UNIST members can access about 350 journals in HSS(Humanities and Social Sciences) and STM Collection.

    ※ This journal package is sponsored by KERIS(Korea Education & Research Information Service,한국교육학술정보원).

  • Digital Dissertations on Demand (DDOD) (via RISS)

    A collection of doctoral dissertations published by top 30 universities in North America (Available via RISS)

    How to use Details Manual(Kor)
    How to use

    • Available via RISS Platform. (RISS Home > 해외DB통합검색)
    • Users should access to RISS by UNIST direct URL for automatically UNIST user certification.
    • How to access: Clicking 1) database title or 2) RISS(한국교육학술정보원) at the bottom of the library website.
    ※ Available Time
    1) Search: 24 hours
    2) Full Text Download: from 4 pm until 9 am the next day


    Type: Database (Dissertations Abstract & Index + Full Text)

    Subject: All Subjects

    Provider: ProQuest

    • Digital Dissertations on Demand(DDOD) is a collection of doctoral dissertations published by top 30 universities in North America since 1999. Searching and reading abstracts are available and 17 million full-text are available to download via RISS.

    ※ Searching is available for 24 hours via RISS.

    ※ Full Text downloading is only available from 4 pm until 9 am the next day via RISS web site.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (Free)

    An online open access journal directory that provides access to about 10,000 peer-reviewed journals.

    How to use

    Type: Open Access Repository (Free, OA Journals)

    Subject: All Subjects

    Provider: Lund University Libraries

    • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.

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