Databases(Web DBs) are collections of scholarly materials which are very useful tools for researchers to search and find relevant resources for their literature study. It contains bibliographical information or full text of journal articles, conference proceedings, magazines, reports, etc. in specific subjects.


UNIST members can browse and access databases(including primary free databses) by the title and subject.


※ Primary Databases by Type

1) Journal Package (Full Text): ScienceDirect, Wiley, Springer, Nature eJournals, Scinece(AAAS),  IEEE, ACS, RSC, AIP, T&F, etc.

2) Abstract & Index (+ Full Text): EBSCOhost ASC/BSU, ProQuest Central, MathSciNet, etc.

3) Citation Index: Scopus, Web of Science

4) Specific Information: Chemical Substance & Reactions(SciFinder, Reaxys), Standards(ASTM), Patents(WIPS ON), JCR(Journal Impact Factor), etc.


2024 eResources@UNIST Library

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  • : Available via IOP journal platform from 2020
  • : Available to access new launching journals: Nature Cardiovascular Research, Nature Reviews Psychology, Nature Mental Health
  • : Available to access Journal of Fluid Mechanics(JFM) backfile(1956~)
  • : New Subscription: Science Immunology
  • : Access ASTM easily! If you want to access to the ASTM outside of campus, please refer to the \\\'ASTM Off campus access Guide\\\'.
  • : New Subscription: Chem Catalysis
  • : Available via Springer
  • : Available to access Journal of The Electrochemical Society backfile(1930~)
  • J-STAGE (Free)

    An electronic journal platform managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) which provide free access to some journals

    How to use

    Type: Open Access Repository (Abstract & Index + Full Text, Free)

    Subject: Science and Technology, etc.

    Provider: Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

    • J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform for science and technology information in Japan, developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). J-STAGE aims to accelerate the speed of communication and ensure the internationalization of the science and technology information published in Japan. Most of journals are in English and all users can access free articles.

  • Journal Citation Report (JCR)

    A journal evaluation database which provides annually Journal Impact Factor and other indicators

    Details Manual(Kor) Guide(Eng)
    How to use

    • Type: Database (Journal Evaluation)

    • Subject: All Subjects

    • Provider: Clarivate Analytics (formerly known as Thomson Reuters)

    • Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is a collection of data to evaluate world’s leading journals. It offers 2-year and 5-year Impact Factor, Rank-in-Category tables, Journal Self-Citations, etc. based on citation data. UNIST members can access JCR data from 2007 to the present.


    ※ Support for Internet Explorer 11 has now been discontinued. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend that you switch to Microsoft Edge or another supported browser.

  • Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

    Available about thousands of peer-reviewed video articles in life sciences published by JoVE

    Details Manual(Kor)
    How to use

    Type: Journal Package

    Subject: Life Sciences & Medicine, etc.

    Provider: Journal of Visualized Experiments(JoVE)

    • JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is the world’s first peer reviewed, PubMed – indexed scientific video methods journal. JoVE has 13 specific journal sections in science and technology. UNIST members can access ‘Biology’, ‘Bioengineering’, and ‘Neuroscience’ sections in journal section.

    ※ The Library discontinues the ‘Chemistry’ journal section.


    Available about 980 journals in business, economics, social science, life science, and related subjects published by JSTOR

    Details Manual(Kor)
    How to use

    • Type: Journal Package

    • Subject: Business, Economics, Life Science, etc.

    • Provider: JSTOR

    Available Collections: Business & Economics, Arts & Sciences I, VI, XII, Life Science

    • Business & Economics: About 373 journals

    • Life Science: About 160 journals

    • Arts & Sciences: About 639 journals

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