Databases(Web DBs) are collections of scholarly materials which are very useful tools for researchers to search and find relevant resources for their literature study. It contains bibliographical information or full text of journal articles, conference proceedings, magazines, reports, etc. in specific subjects.


Through library’s Database menu, users can browse and access variety databases by title and subject.

(It includes primary free databases also.)


※ Primary Databases by Type

1) Journal Package (Full Text): ScienceDirect, Wiley, Springer, Nature eJournals, Scinece(AAAS),  IEEE, ACS, RSC, AIP, T&F, etc.

2) Abstract & Index (+ Full Text): EBSCOhost ASC/BSU, ProQuest Central, MathSciNet, etc.

3) Citation Index: Scopus, Web of Science

4) Specific Information: Chemical Substance & Reactions(SciFinder, Reaxys), Standards(ASTM, KS), Patents(WIPS ON), JCR(Journal Impact Factor), etc.


2021 eResources@UNIST Library


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  • : Available via IOP journal platform from 2020
  • : [The 2021 CSD license is now available] Please refer to installation guide on the UNIST Portal ˝Software Download˝ page.
  • : The new platform of the LexisNexis Academic
  • : New Subscription: Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Sustainability
  • : SciFinder will be out of service so please access ‘SciFinder-n’
  • : Changed Title: NDSL→ScienceON
  • : New Subscription: Matter, Trends in Chemistry
  • Taylor & Francis Online Journals

    Available about 2,000 journals in ST(Science & Tech.) and SSH(Social Science & Humanities) published by Taylor & Francis

    Details Manual(Kor)
    How to use

    Type: Journal Package

    Subject: All Subjects (Science & Technology, Social Science & Humanities)

    Provider: Taylor & Francis

    • Taylor & Francis Online is platform of journals published by Taylor & Francis Group. The UNIST Librayr subscribes to both ST(Science & Tech.) package and SSH(Social Science & Humanities) package so UNIST members can access more than 2,000 journals.

  • Thieme Chemistry Journals

    Available 5 core journals in biochemistry include SYNLETT, SYNFACTS and SYNTHESIS published by Thieme

    Details Manual(Kor)
    How to use

    Type: Journal Package

    Subject: Chemistry, Biochemistry

    Provider: Thieme Medical Publishers

    • Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years. The UNIST members can access 5 core biochemistry journals include SYNLETT, SYNFACTS and SYNTHESIS.

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